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For The Love Of A Cat - Musings, Dedications, Ramblings

In Loving Memory Of Seven Verbal Mittens, "The 7-Cat"


You taught me what love was and you loved everyone and everything.
I loved you more than anyone and anything and not a day goes by, even after all these years, when I don't ache from missing you.

Sweet dreams my precious one. I'll see you at the Rainbow Bridge.

Even if a cat can't talk, it can interact with humans. Some cats have an astonishingly large vocabulary of gestures, sounds, facial expressions and body language that allows them to communicate with us. Many cats are not interested in the affairs of humans. They are content to be fed and to have a warm place to sleep.

A few Special Cats find humans fascinating. They want to communicate. They constantly observe and mimic their owners. These cats have extraordinary social skills and love to relate to, engage and entertain us. Even in a negative environment, they remained calm, sociable and alert. They are more creative, more curious, more affectionate and more interactive.

When these Special Cats find themselves abandoned at Public Shelters, the prospects of their survival are poor. Out of every 100 cats at Lied's Intake,  83 will be euthanized, 3 will be reclaimed by their owners and only 14 will survive to meow their story. Of those 14, one will be a Special Cat.

The Special Cats are the perfect feline companion we dream of when we commit to a lifelong adoption.

The Special Cats. The Perfect Cats.

Please save their lives. They will put paw prints on your heart.